Over 25 years, Ruvera has been an expert in the manufacturing, packaging and selling of semi-solid and liquid products such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, disinfectants,biocides, veterinary medicinal products, supplements and cosmetics.

In the year 2018 Ruvera has established new facility (2500 m2), designed for pharmaceutical production, is equipped for flexible, customizable scale manufacturing and produces for sale in Europe, Middle East, Far East and Africa for 25 countries.

Fifteen years of medicine manufacturing experience allows company to reliably and qualitatively produce non-sterile semi-solid and liquid products, whether atpilot scale for clinical trials or at full-scale to supply a large commercial market. The quality system fulfills the EU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)requirements as well as the ISO 13485 standard for Medical Devices and ISO22716 for Cosmetics.

In Ruvera manufacturing unit there is a wide variety of mixing vessels and tanks, ranging from 30 l. pilot scale to 600 l. commercial scale, which support a variety of product types, viscosities and processes. The company’s packaging capabilities include laminate and plastic tubes, plastic and glass bottles, as well as jars(including metered dose pumps) canisters and drums. The contract manufacturing process includes bulk manufacturing, filling, quality control, and release.



Ruvera has an analytical testing lab that supports product development and commercial manufacturing operations. Analytical lab provides research and development services such as method development, cleaning validation, method transfers and special studies.

A quality management system, continuously checked and improved, is the main factor to high product quality. All processes at Ruvera, from selection of the raw material suppliers to any production flow and packaging are subject to proper quality controls.